Off the Air

•March 20, 2015 • 3 Comments

The Lamplighter Blues podcast is off the air.

Thanks to Cory, at New World Witchery, you can find the episodes, in archive, below.

~Episode 1: Mirror Boxes

~Episode 2: Ritual Bathing

~Episode 3: Mojo Bags w/Dr. E.

~Episode 4: Saint Work w/Papa Newt

~Episode 5: Reversing Work

~Episode 6: Curios I

~Episode 7: Curios II

~Episode 8: Home Magic

~Episode 9: Year Wrap-Up

~Episode 10: Braucherei w/Chris Bilardi & Rob Chapman (Phoenix)

~Episode 11: Spring! w/Jen Rue

~Episode 12: British Folk Magic w/Peter Paddon